June 19, 2004

[Please] update the information on my sister, Carol. She was a member of the class of 1972. Carol was diagnosed with a brain tumor almost exactly one year ago. She died one week before Christmas. The doctor had given her two to three months in December, but the Lord called her home in a matter of days. For that we were so thankful. It was an amazing Christian funeral.

Tim Malchow

December 15, 2003

Dear friends,

Today in the early morning, 12:15 a.m. to be precise, we received a phone call from Steve that Carol is now in heaven. After a six-month bout with brain cancer our loving God, in His grace and mercy, had his holy angels escort Carolís precious soul to the bliss and glory of heaven.

As you know, for the last half year Carol had great difficulty in communicating. Often there were words she could not find or produce to form a sentence. She will have that problem no more. We donít know what language we will be speaking in heaven. But whatever it is, Carol along with all of us will speak it perfectly.

On Saturday Carol was transferred from the hospital to a very fine hospice home where she received excellent care and attention. We were with her for about six hours on Sunday. It was noticeable that at times her breathing became labored, but we feel strongly that she was not in pain. There was no response to words that were addressed to her, but she was at rest. Steve and Katy were with Carol when she departed this life and entered eternity very peacefully. For this we thank our God for His mercy....

Thank you for being Carolís friend. In your prayers tonight, thank God for having made Carol His child and for now taking her into His bosom. We look forward with joyful anticipation to that wonderful reunion with Carol in heaven.

Dan and Ruth Malchow